Special Offer for 2017
B2Win Suite combines the latest technology with rich experience in output management. It includes a set of applications that you can use to transform, design and distribute ERP documents and reports across multiple channels and achieve personalized effective communication with your business partners.


Works with all InforĀ® LN versions and Mingle
Ready to work with various enterprise systems (ERP, CRM, SCM...)
Connects with multiple servers
Can be hosted on-premise or in Cloud
Powerful administrator tools for greater visibility and control
Web-based cross platform system
User friendly
Special Offer for 2017

Included in the basic package:


Enhances and transfers ERP reports and documents directly into MS Excel, MS Word, PDF, XML, HTML and Text. Once files are created, they can be launched within their application.

B2Design Excel Designer

Helps you to customize the data structure of your ERP reports before transferring them into MS Excel whenever high quality professional spreadsheets are needed. Key users can customize tabular reports with Excel-specific features, such as splitting columns, converting sub-headers into columns or removing them, setting data type, and much more. These conversion configurations can be saved for future use to generate Excel files.

B2Distribute Basic

With B2Distribute Basic, you can e-mail, archive or print your reports and documents directly from the B2Win Suite.

Not included in the basic package:

B2Design PDF Designer

Turn plain ERP documents into a professional looking document that reflects your corporate identity with this intuitive and easy-to-use application for B2Win Suite. The user with the right permissions can create a personalized document design (for example a template for a PO or Invoice) with customizable fonts, footer and background design, logo insertion, and text layout. This customized design configuration (template) can be saved and used by other users to generate PDF documents. (Coming Soon)

B2Distribute Enterprise

Automatically e-mail, fax, print, and send to SharePoint, which allows you to archive business documents such as purchase orders, sales invoices, reminders and acknowledgments from the ERP system.

B2Distribute Enterprise can handle any output stream by performing the following: parsing output into individual documents, recognizing the business partner for each document, matching the business partner with the e-mail address, and finally delivering each document according to predefined preferences. (Coming in 2017)