Partnership agreement between NAZDAQ and DMS Consulting International Ltd.

May 7, 2012
NAZDAQ is pleased to announce its new partnership agreement with DMS consulting international Ltd.

The partnership between both companies enables the two leading and powerful solutions of DMS DOX-Pro solution (A web Document management System) and NAZDAQ Baan Mail-Merge (an enterprise-wide multi-user e-commerce software system, tightly integrated with Baan/Infor ERP LN) to integrate with Baan/Infor ERP LN systems through DOX-Pro - Baan/Infor ERP LN interface developed by NAZDAQ.

The DOX-PRO Web Documents System, is a centralized archive for managing knowledge of the organization, from enterprise systems, office files, PDF's, pictures, Mails etc.
The application is stored and managed on an independent server which connects to the organization's intranet. This procedure enables convenient and timely access to all files, together with the retrieval and publishing of all information stored by authorized company employees. Procedures are performed with standard browsers, thus no additional software need be implemented.

The DOXPro - Baan/Infor ERP LN interface is intended to be a reader/writer interface from the Baan/Infor ERP LN side, that is, A Baan user will be able to obtain documents from DOX-Pro for display, and will be able to create transactions in DOX-Pro that creates new entities, updates entity's properties and files new documents.

One of the leading electronics assembly companies, a long time Baan/Infor user worldwide, implemented and is using the NAZDAQ interface for better maintaining of the knowledge, saving resources, and reducing paper and filing space.

For details on this new solution by DMS - NAZDAQ: Document Management Solution, integrated with DOX-Pro
We like the ongoing development and the excellent customer service
Fata S.p.A.
NAZDAQ's add-on utilities for Baan have proved to be indispensable software tools
IT Director, Grindmaster
We are very satisfied with the products and reliability of NAZDAQ
Christoph Kern, MM Packaging Europe GmbH
We could reduce the cost of Baan programming
Martin Cajoos, Kistler
Our users find Baan Mail Merge to be fast, effective and easy to use
Barbara Bailey, JVK
NAZDAQ tools are simple to configure and use, and are inexpensive
Venu Cherukuri, Buckman Laboratories
It is a pleasure to have a supplier like you
Joseba Iribar, Groupo Gusacor
NAZDAQ have been producing useful tools at value for money prices for 10 years
Ed Hubbard, Automated Packaging Systems
The B2Win software is excellent value for our money
Peter Fiebeg, Maschbinenbau Kitz
Will upgrade our Baan IVc4 environment to ERP LN and our NAZDAQ's products will make that transition with us.
Jim Pogue,DPT Laboratories