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NAZDAQ - Nazareth Data Quest Dec 10, 2008

B2Win & Return On Investment
  • ROI in 2008 ??
    Can you return your software investment before year-end?
    With NAZDAQ - Yes We Can!

    "Overall, our financial group calculated that B2Win and B2Email have paid for itself in 8 business days."

    Read how NAZDAQ products have an ROI in few days.

  • Baan Query Tool 2.0 Released
    There is a new and elegant way to create queries and ad-hoc reports from your Baan data: Baan Query Tool. This Baan session comes with an easy to use graphical interface that allows you to create dynamic queries from your Baan database. We have just released a new and updated Baan Query Tool 2.0.

  • George Abdo (NAZDAQ consultant) and Jonathan Lane (Jaybeam Business Development and Marketing Manager)
    George Abdo (NAZDAQ consultant) and
    Jonathan Lane (Jaybeam Business
    Development and Marketing Manager)
    On-site consulting services are now available
    This year, NAZDAQ is offering on-site consulting packages that includes, but not limited to:
    • End-users training on use of NAZDAQ products.
    • Consulting on achieving the most from NAZDAQ's products - tuning and tweaking.
    • Installing new NAZADAQ product versions.
    • Presentation of new versions and new products.

    Read about our visit to Jaybeam Wireless in the United Kingdom

  • NAZDAQ sponsors BaanBoard for 7-th year in a row!
    NAZDAQ will once again be sponsoring Baanboard, the best online bulletin board for posting up to date information and collaborating on all relevant Baan information. We are pleased to continue in our commitment towards its success. From the earliest stages, NAZDAQ recognized the great potential in having such a useful forum for Baan users/developers and have been its most loyal supporter since 2002.

  • NAZDAQ's Reseller in India
    Rishi Bansal
    Rishi Bansal (Merino Services
    Limited Vice President- Global Business)
    NAZDAQ has selected Merino Services Limited as an Exclusive Reseller and Implementation partner of India Territory for NAZDAQ Products. The relationship is aimed at targeting more the 150 Infor Baan / ERP LN customers in India with various add-on products from NAZDAQ. Merino Services Limited (MSL) is a business consulting organization providing value-added services as a Partner-to-Progress with their esteemed customers and business associates. MSL specializes in designing and implementation of various business solutions for customers.

  • Habib Karam & Alain De Decker
    Habib Karam (NAZDAQ Alliance Account
    Manager) and Alain De Decker (Software
    Techniek) at Hollandís Inforum 2008
    Strengthening relations with resellers in Benelux
    On a recent visit to The Netherlands, NAZDAQ has visited with and reestablished its relationship with two of our European Resellers: Software Techniek, a Belgian Reseller, and Consolo, a Dutch Reseller.

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