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NAZDAQ - Nazareth Data Quest June 2, 2010

  • Easily link to corporate documents from within Baan Sessions
  • Automatically E-mail and Fax Purchase Orders and Invoices
  • Electronically approve Purchase Orders with multiple signatures
  • Smartly convert Baan Reports to Excel, Word, PDF, ASCII, XML and HTML
  • Seamlessly E-mail Baan reports in six different formats in a cron job
  • Interactively E-mail Baan reports in six different formats
  • Effortlessly notify the next person in line to update a certain Baan record
  • Intuitively write queries to grab data from your Baan database
  • Confidently know your current company by coloring sessions

NAZDAQ: Exactly what you need

All products operate on Baan IV, Baan ERP and Infor ERP Ln 6.1

Tell us your business needs today, and we will supply you with a fully
operational demo of exactly what you need, without stretching your budget.

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