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NAZDAQ - Nazareth Data Quest September 29, 2010

Five Reasons to Sign a Service Agreement with NAZDAQ
We will be sending out the 2011 annual standard service agreements renewals very soon. The following are five reasons you should sign again.

  1. Answers: Any question about the use of the NAZDAQ product will be quickly answered
  2. Bug fixes: As the NAZDAQ solutions are critical to your business success; we try to provide timely responses to problems that are bugs in the software
  3. New Versions: We constantly update products with new features and improvements
  4. Webinars: Web based seminars are scheduled regularly for maintenance customers. They will highlight new features, training on specific solutions, and provide necessary information
  5. Customer Feedback: Provide your input to new product development

"They have always been very responsive to our support issues"
We are running 10 Baan companies and have been utilizing NAZDAQ products since about their inception. They provide a good product at a reasonable price. They continue to improve upon these products, and have always been very responsive to our support issues. It has been a pleasure doing business with these folks.

Jack Teagle, Manager of Business Systems, Curtiss-Wright Corporation, Parsippany, NJ, USA
His company has a long history dating back to the Wright brothers' first flight in 1903.

Featuring: Premium Support
To receive even more from your NAZDAQ tools and save precious time, we offer a premium service agreement package. In addition to the Standard service, Premium Service includes the following:
  • File conversions, logo and cover-page tuning and possibly Webex installation for every new version released in the period of the maintenance contract.
  • Higher priority for your feedback into the features to be added in the next version of the product
  • One instance of Customization for the NAZDAQ product. Limited to one day a year
  • Three hours of Webex training a year
  • One free test/dev server license for every licensed product under Premium Service Agreement
For additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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