Get all the juice out of your native LN reports
Here is what you can do by simply printing your Infor LN/Baan report to a B2Win Suite device:
More efficient financial and operational reports
  • Automatically produce highly-structured Excel sheets with graphs and dashboards. Request Demo
More effective branded and customized reports
  • Add branding to your business documents and reflect your brand values with multi-company support. Request Demo
  • Customized layout, paper size and formatting, Enrich with free/DB text, add images/barcodes to your products, add your signature and more. Request Demo
More efficient distribution of reports
  • Personalized/mass-distribution of business documents (purchase orders, invoices...etc) to all your business partners based on their preferred channel (E-mail, Fax, Print...). Request Demo
Advanced data pipelines integration and automation
  • Automatic ingestion of your report's data right into B2Win Suite's advanced ETL data pipelines for further processing. Request Demo
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