b2Email Release Notes

  1. Using Windows variables for locating the temporary directory - useful for installations where the local directly is not known
  2. Possibility of using a switch to open the report only, without print/email or archive
  3. Message footer can be defined per company using a new session (tccom2emlfot7)
  4. Line Spacing: Space between lines is can be defined using a switch per report
  5. Font Scaling:  Vertical and Horizontal font scaling can be defined using a switch per report
  6. Possibility to skip definition of user profile when sending mode is Outlook or Lotus Notes. Helpful in large installations.
  7. Support any type of JPG file in logo, footer and background
  8. Using Borders for Signatures: For signatures, a specific bordered area is defined and the signature image is automatically embedded inside the borders, without the need to use scaling for locating the signature in the right place.

Support creation of xls or xlsx files without having Microsoft Office installed (For Open Office users)
Support creation of xls and xlsx files on Unix machines (For Open Office users)

Possibility to use a PDF file for the header, footer and the signature (In addition to JPG files). This way you use a vector graphic file (PDF) instead of a raster logo file (JPG). Vector graphics keep the quality even when you enlarge them.

Possibility to define a border for the signature inside the generated PDF file; so that it does not overlap. Makes it easier to define signatures of different sizes.

Better support for BIDI (Bi-directional) languages.
Support for contextual analysis of characters (like Arabic language)
Support UTF encoding
Improved conversion for Excel Sheets (See B2Win 7.0 for list of features

Append Feature

With this new feature, the new created PDF file will be appended to an existing PDF file.

As an example, the following switches "-arc Z:\archive\cutomers.pdf - app" will result in the file produced from Baan to be concatenated to the end of the file cutomers.pdf

E-mail sending modes can be defined per user. B2Email can send emails to the outside world using one of the following sending modes: SMTP, Outlook Open, Outlook Auto, Lotus Open and Lotus Auto.

Different users on the same system can have different sending modes, where in previous versions the sending mode has been a system default.

  • Possibility to cancel the footer in the email being sent.
  • Using virtual companies for defining an unlimited number of logos.
  • When two reports are generated from one session, the subject (The report description) for each report is picked properly and is not confused, as the case was in pervious versions.

General Enhancements

  • A new syntax introduced using switches


    -to -format pdf -sign -logo -paper letter
    -to FinanceGroup -format csv -priority high -receipt -bcc
    -archive \\baan4c\archive\po\ -format gpdf -password love123 -noedit -noprint
  • Request Receipt Feature per run
  • Email Priority added: High, Normal or Low
  • Possibility for using CC and BCC for email addresses
  • Possibility for including external attachments with reports sent
  • Possibility to assign a customized subject for the email in manual mode
  • A more effeciant group sending
  • Better Log reporting
  • Choose the font or the orientation per run
  • Using the switch "help" will show all possible values

Enhancements to PDF creation


  • Possibility to make PDF files with different security levels: Password-protected, no Copy and Paste capability, non-printable PDF files and PDF files that cannot be edited by Acrobat Writer.
  • Fine Tuning for the location of the signature in a PDF files. The signature file can now be in any location on the document.
  • Signature can be in all pages or in the last page only.
  • Print to Windows Printers or Unix Printers
  • Choose any Paper type you wish
  • Paper types are now per report
  • Signature can now be on every location on the page
  • You can add signatures on last page only - or at all pages
  • You can now have more than one language supported at the same server installation, including Eastern European, Semitic and Far Eastern Languages, in addition to Western European Languages
  • Log files are smarter and have more data
  • B2Email broker is smarter
  • Sending emails to a pre-defined group
  • Send report as the body of the email message
  • Password for Authentication in tccom2conf5
  • Easier to define printers in tccom2conf5 - browse for your own default printer
  • Easier to define logo and signature files in tccom2lgo5 and tccom2conf5 - browse and pick your logo files. System will automatically detect size
  • A completely flexible syntax for emailing/producing a file from within the broker, device or program script. File Path, File name, format and options (Logo, Signature) can be controlled from the outside
  • Archiving made easy. Make Files on the server or the client to be picked by a different application without emailing them
  • Improvements with the reading of b2email.ini : Comments and flexibility in order
  • A new licensing mechanism that gives licensed servers a grace period of 14 days when the security key changes, to obtain a new key from NAZDAQ
  • Possibility to define reports per company in Report Broker
  • Enhancing the broker possibilities: Producing a customized subject and mail-body while using variables and labels
  • Extended Support for Eastern European and Asian fonts and encoding
  • Fix bug in RTF format related to Service Pack 14 of Baan 4c4
  • Enriched PDF format. Unlike previous versions, this PDF format takes graphics from Baan
  • Send email from client, Baan NT server or Baan Unix Server
  • blat is not installed on client or NT server's registry
  • Possibility to use Outlook as your mailer instead of SMTP sending
  • Request Receipt option added
  • Fix bug in HTML conversion. The new version generates native HTML and does not take it from stpconv
  • Fix bug in BWPrint - Default font comes from report layout
  • Possibility for generating names based on report name, date and time
  • Possibility for writing all produced files into a certain directory for archiving / interfacing

The new version of B2Email Standard includes the following features:

  • Force files with the font size/page length combination you wish. Totally flexable.

Nazdaq releases B2Email Acrobat 1.5 This version is like the Standard version but supports sending Baan Reports by email using the popular PDF and CSV formats (For Acrobat Reader and Excel).

Nazdaq releases B2Email Standard 1.6 with few improvements from version 1.5: Better Error handling and reporting, No need for manual update of users' profile, Full Name display in "From" field (Bader Mansour instead of

Nazdaq releases B2Email Standard 1.5, a utility for sending Baan reports by Email to everyone.

We like the ongoing development and the excellent customer service
Fata S.p.A.
NAZDAQ's add-on utilities for Baan have proved to be indispensable software tools
IT Director, Grindmaster
We are very satisfied with the products and reliability of NAZDAQ
Christoph Kern, MM Packaging Europe GmbH
We could reduce the cost of Baan programming
Martin Cajoos, Kistler
Our users find Baan Mail Merge to be fast, effective and easy to use
Barbara Bailey, JVK
NAZDAQ tools are simple to configure and use, and are inexpensive
Venu Cherukuri, Buckman Laboratories
It is a pleasure to have a supplier like you
Joseba Iribar, Groupo Gusacor
NAZDAQ have been producing useful tools at value for money prices for 10 years
Ed Hubbard, Automated Packaging Systems
The B2Win software is excellent value for our money
Peter Fiebeg, Maschbinenbau Kitz
Will upgrade our Baan IVc4 environment to ERP LN and our NAZDAQ's products will make that transition with us.
Jim Pogue,DPT Laboratories