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NAZDAQ - Nazareth Data Quest December 15, 2010

We have put together seven Q&A that check your knowledge in pulling data from Baan or ERP Ln. At the end, we offer seven alternative answers.
  1. How many days have passed since the first Christmas?
    date.num() is a function in Baan Tools that gives the number of days since 01-01-0001. On Christmas 2010 it will be 734,135 days.
  2. What is the maximum width of a report written in Baan Tools?
    The maximum width of a Baan report is 255 characters. If you write a special program that writes directly to the spooler, you can have 512 characters.
  3. What is the maximum length of a report you can generate in Excel?
    You can upload 65,536 lines in Excel 2003 and 1,048,576 lines in Excel 2007 and higher.
  4. Why do text fields contain numbers?
    Texts are stored in a different table, txtxt001. The number is the key for this table.
  5. What does kitm = 5 stand for?
    kitm is the Item code. There are six different values available for the item code in Baan 4 and ten values in ERP Ln. Five means "Service".
  6. What is common between Amos, Badr, Matt, Mark, Rema, Star, Trek?
    These are all field names in Baan and ERP Ln.
  7. How do you know the meaning of the four character fields in Baan tables?
    Use GTM (General Table Maintenance) – session ttaad4500.

The following is the answer of a user that has Baan Query Tool installed.
  1. No need to count days since the first Christmas. I use Years, months and days.
  2. No limit on report width. I can produce wide queries with thousands of characters in every line.
  3. No limit on report length pulled into Excel. A new sheet is generated when Excel’s limit is reached.
  4. No need to link with text tables. Text is pulled automatically and wrapped in Excel.
  5. No need to memorize what numerated field stands for. They are automatically generated for me.
  6. No need to know field names and table names. I can easily search for tables and fields by code or by description.
  7. I use Baan Query Tool to show field code and field description side by side. I can also browse all table fields and can see multiple rows at once.

Baan Query Tool is another Add-on from NAZDAQ. It is written in Baan 3GL and therefore has an intuitive user interface, making it easy to use, yet working on the same Baan or ERP ln environment you are used to. Installation and getting started can be done in less than an hour!

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