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b2Win - Our best selling software product that takes output from Baan to Excel, Word, PDF, and XML in one click; installed on the Baan/Infor ERP Ln Server and works as a Baan Device for all users. It includes a Report Designer that enables Customization of Baan reports.
b2Mail-Merge - This Baan Device performs a mail merge on any Baan/Infor ERP Ln Output. It allows the user to distribute, through fax or e-mail, documents (such as Invoices) or reports to the proper business partner without any human intervention.
bQuery-Tool - This Baan/Infor ERP Ln session is a Query Builder that allows the user to easily retrieve data from the Baan database - using a graphical interface.
b2Email - This Baan/Infor ERP Ln Device allows users to convert reports into XLS, XLSX, RTF, PDF, HTML, TXT and XML formats, without need for Microsoft Office or Adobe programs, and also on Unix machines and in a cron job. Reports can then be E-mailed, archived or printed.
bColor-Changer - A server based program that allows the user to differentiate between different Baan/Infor ERP Ln Screens, by having a different colored bar for each company. It also allows the user to add pictures to Baan/Infor ERP Ln screens, without touching the script or the form definitions.
b2Diz - Our PDF Report Designer, get flavor for your documents

Product Release

b2Mail-Merge 8.5
September 27, 2013
b2Mail-Merge 8.5 and the new Excel Add-On!


NAZDAQ releases bQuery-Tool 3.5 - you'll never get weary with your query

March 20, 2014
New features included: Setting permissions (per Table, module, package) for users group and an option for adding custom SQL condition.

ROI was immediate, if we removed the products our users would be in open rebellion

March 12, 2014
Afripack has been associated with NAZDAQ for many years, we find their support and products exceptional and would highly recommend them as a business partner.


NAZDAQ Catalog
We like the ongoing development and the excellent customer service
Fata S.p.A.
NAZDAQ's add-on utilities for Baan have proved to be indispensable software tools
IT Director, Grindmaster
We are very satisfied with the products and reliability of NAZDAQ
Christoph Kern, MM Packaging Europe GmbH
We could reduce the cost of Baan programming
Martin Cajoos, Kistler
Our users find Baan Mail Merge to be fast, effective and easy to use
Barbara Bailey, JVK
NAZDAQ tools are simple to configure and use, and are inexpensive
Venu Cherukuri, Buckman Laboratories
It is a pleasure to have a supplier like you
Joseba Iribar, Groupo Gusacor
NAZDAQ have been producing useful tools at value for money prices for 10 years
Ed Hubbard, Automated Packaging Systems
The B2Win software is excellent value for our money
Peter Fiebeg, Maschbinenbau Kitz
Will upgrade our Baan IVc4 environment to ERP LN and our NAZDAQ's products will make that transition with us.
Jim Pogue,DPT Laboratories

Selected Customers

Gallagher Europe
International Truck and Engine Corporation
DISA Group
DURO Industries
Grindmaster Corporation
MDA Corporation
Maschinenbau Kitz
Bombardier Inc.
W&H Dentalwerk
Crown Equipment Corporation
Brandt Industries Ltd.
Jack Van Klaveren Ltd.
Comau Pico
Compac Sorting Equipment
Curtiss Wright Corporation
MM Packaging
Maschinenbau Haldenwang
Biosense Webster Inc.
DPT Labs
Marley Pipe Systems
RiT Technologies Ltd.
The Horsburgh & Scott Co.
Cevher Dokum Sanayi Aluminium
Molapo Technology (Pty) Ltd.
Automated Packaging Systems
CMS Light Alloy Wheels
Inalfa Roof Systems
Speedy Industrial Supplied Pte Ltd.
Numatics, Incorporated
Elcee Holland B.V.