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NAZDAQ - Nazareth Data Quest October 25, 2012

Baan Mail-Merge - 10 Years, 250 Customers, Millions of Documents Sent.
What Are You Waiting For?

Baan Mail-Merge was born in 2001. The idea came from a Baan customer in New Zeeland who sent us an E-mail asking if we can make a utility that works on a Purchase Order run and automatically pick the e-mail addresses of suppliers and send all orders automatically as PDF Files. We took the challenge and provided a solution within just a few months. Since then, more than 250 customers are happily using this solution to automate delivery of business documents to their customers and suppliers directly from Baan and ERP Ln.

Baan Mail-Merge has continued to develop over the years as per additional requests from users. Baan Mail-Merge 8.0, just released this week, features greater sending and archiving flexibility and is the fruit of more than 10 years of development in which hundreds of improvements and new features were added that make sending documents from Baan and ERP Ln so easy and effective.

We invite you to try a free, 30-day demo that offers you complete functionality from the product. We will help you set it up without any commitment from your side.
Then, you too, might wonder "Why did we wait so long to use the NAZDAQ tools?", as one of our customers concluded a session in Baan & Ln User Group UK.


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