Automatic Distribution and Approval of Purchase Orders

Electronically approve and distribute purchase orders to suppliers using E-mail or Fax. Purchase orders can be printed and archived.

The solution will accomplish the following:

  1. Parse output to individual documents
  2. Recognize suppliers/business partners
  3. Match each purchase order with e-mail, fax, printer and archive preference
  4. Customize documents for a professional look
  5. Add “inserts” that are document specific
  6. Send purchase order for approval by management (Up till 5 signatures)
  7. Personalize documents with cover letter
  8. Deliver documents by preference.

The solution is available in one-by-one mode where the user is prompted for every order before it is sent. Alternatively, it works in a full-automatic mode where all orders are distributed based on pre-defined logic.

Automatic Distribution and Approval of Purchase Orders - Illustration