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Wouldn’t it be great and helpful to be able to access files such files on the network from within Baan Maintain Sessions?

bHot-Link does that for you! While you are maintaining an item in Maintain Item Data with bHot-Link you can access its AutoCAD drawing, Microsoft Word Specifications, Microsoft Excel Costing Data and JPG photo, all in a click from within your Baan/Infor ERP Ln session.

This easy to configure product makes it simple to link any Baan / Infor ERP Ln entity with related files on the network. You can activate bHot-Link from any Baan/Infor ERP Ln Session and you can add Baan/Infor ERP Ln buttons or custom made GIF files to the sessions without touching Baan/ERP Ln sessions.

bHot-Link Release Notes