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b2Mail-Merge is an enterprise-wide multi-user e-commerce software system, tightly integrated with Baan/Infor LN, allowing you to automatically Email, Fax, Print and/or Archive documents like Purchase Orders, Sales Order Acknowledgments, or Invoices directly from within the Baan/Infor LN system.

For new customers, especially those on Infor LN 10.5 and higher, we highly recommend B2Win Suite, which is a software package geared towards Customer Communication Management (CCM). Visit our dedicated web site for this product – www.b2winsuite.com

b2Mail-Merge works in a One-By-One mode, where you can chose to be prompted for every order before it is sent. Alternatively, you can chose the full-automatic mode where all orders are emailed, faxed, printed and/or archived based on some pre-defined logic.

b2Mail-Merge can handle any Baan/Infor LN document and does not require customizations in Baan. It allows adding logo to produce professional looking documents. It also allows using a header, footer, and background in PDF format, as well as JPG format.

With the b2Diz add-on to b2Mail-Merge you can use your document template such as invoice or purchase order templates, from within Baan/Infor LN.

b2Mail-Merge is very easy to configure and produces dramatic savings by allowing you to send email or fax documents directly from your Baan System. Email distribution can go through MS Outlook, UNIX sendmail, and Lotus Notes.

b2Mail-Merge integrates with ODM (Infor LN only version), where it can find all the attachments related to a certain object in the document being sent.

If your company’s policy is that Purchase Orders above a certain monetary threshold, should be signed by more than two people, you can add the Purchase Approval Extension to your b2Mail-Merge. It supports up to 5 signatures.

b2Mail-Merge 8.5 User Interface:

b2Mail-Merge 8.5 User Interface

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