bColor-Changer Release Notes

Baan Color 7.0 Release Notes

  1. Timeout Feature
    Since bColor-Changer (Baan Color) runs a process in the background, and the system is therefore never idle, the timeout feature in Baan, and some third party applications, stops working. A built-in Baan Color timeout feature was added to overcome this limitation.
  2. Improvement with System Files Management
    Files needed for bHot-Link (Baan Hot Link) are now organized in subfolders for easier access and problem solving.
  3. Compatibility with Baan Hot Link
    As bColor-Changer (Baan Color) and bHot-Link (Baan Hot Link) use the same -robot-, the new version of bColor-Changer is now compatible with bHot-Link 7.0.

bColor-Changer 6.0 Release Notes

bColor Changer (Baan Color Changer) has been upgraded to work together with bHot-Link 6.0. Users of these two products should be using the same version number for both products.

bColor-Changer 5.1 Release Notes

Color Per Session

With this new version, a different color can be defined per session, in addition to the color per company as seen in the following example:

The color for company 550 is defined as red top bar

bColor-Changer Example 1

In addition to the red top bar defined for company 550, a green right and left bars are added for “Print Purchase Orders” session

bColor-Changer Example 2

bColor-Changer 5.0 Release Notes

  • The server version of Baan Color is released. Installed at the Baan server and runs using BMS data or user data.
  • A bar is colored instead of coloring the whole Baan screen.
  • Integration with Baan Hot Link allows attaching GIF files to Baan screens – without touching the source or the form.