bColor-Changer Release Notes

  1. Timeout Feature
    Since Baan Color runs a process in the background, and the system is therefore never idle, the timeout feature in Baan, and some third party applications, stops working. A built-in Baan Color timeout feature was added to overcome this limitation.
  2. Improvement with System Files Management
    Files needed for Baan Hot Link are now organized in subfolders for easier access and problem solving.
  3. Compatibility with Baan Hot Link
    As Baan Color and Baan Hot Link use the same -robot-, the new version of Baan Color is now compatible with Baan Hot Link 7.0.
Baan Color has been upgraded to work together with Baan Hot Link 6.0. Users of these two products should be using the same version number for both products.

Color Per Session


With this new version, a different color can be defined per session, in addition to the color per company as seen in the following example:

The color for company 550 is defined as red top bar 


In addition to the red top bar defined for company 550, a green right and left bars are added for "Print Purchase Orders" session 

  • The server version of Baan Color is released. Installed at the Baan server and runs using BMS data or user data.
  • A bar is colored instead of coloring the whole Baan screen.
  • Integration with Baan Hot Link allows attaching GIF files to Baan screens - without touching the source or the form.
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