NAZDAQ LTD. introduced its latest version of B2Win Suite 5.2 with new updates that make working with data integration and output management not just simpler, but also stronger!

This latest iteration of the B2Win Suite is marked by a remarkable 70% boost in performance, ensuring that users can carry out their data integration tasks with newfound speed and efficiency. Memory utilization has also been improved by a staggering 70%, significantly enhancing the user experience, an impressive 50% increase in stability, and boasts a 60% reduction in disk space usage.

Key highlights included in B2Win Suite 5.2 are: support for large files and large volumes of data, support for Snowflake and Databricks databases, enhanced data storage and cleanup jobs, auto-partitioning of data, and parallel processing, isupport for Infor M3 data dictionary, support for parquet file format. B2Win Suite 5.2 also introduces several new nodes, such as the Windows Shared, Order By, CSV Writer, and more. These additions expand the suite’s capabilities, providing users with even more options and tools to cater to their specific data management needs.

The release of B2Win Suite 5.2 demonstrates Nazdaq Ltd.’s commitment to providing cutting-edge data integration and output management solutions. With its exceptional performance improvements, stability enhancements, and expanded feature set, this latest version promises to deliver an unparalleled experience for professionals in the field.

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