ERP solution Partners

NAZDAQ helps ERP solution partners transition their customers from legacy to next generation Output Management Systems with ease, as they minimize the risks of migrating, while still reaping the benefits of offering a solution with increased functionality, flexibility and agility.

Solution partners cannot afford to offer outdated solutions to their customers, or full-blown systems that could be the wrong solution for companies that need in the right size solution and they wish to implement it quickly with minimal risk or disruption.
NAZDAQ recognizes the challenge of partners to work with a reliable provider that offers modern output solutions that fit customer needs and therefore offers a methodology for integrating its products with different ERP/CRM Systems, based on its experience of working in this arena for 16 years. Working closely with its partners, NAZDAQ makes sure the solution offering includes the richness of the ERP system while it integrates with the Output Management System.

NAZDAQ is offering its services for partners in North America and Europe.