Infor ERP Ln Customers

NAZDAQ helps Infor customers to securely transition from legacy to its next generation Output Management System (OMS) with ease, as customers are able to minimize the risks of migrating to a new system, while still reaping the benefits of increased functionality, flexibility and agility.

Companies cannot afford to be left behind because they worry about the complexity of implementing a new system and lose the benefits of achieving a modern Output Management System.

NAZDAQ recognizes the need for customers to undertake the transition with minimal risk for disruption or inaccuracies, while having a speedy process. Therefore, it has designed a methodology for migration and implementation that will alleviate many of the challenges that can provide roadblocks. NAZDAQ enables companies to undertake the transition by delivering expert guidance throughout the migration process, which helps to reduce risk, lower potential downtime and increase the overall value of the IT investment.

Implementation services are generally available for customers in North & South America, Europe and the Asia Pacific region.