Document Management Solution

A document management system (DMS) is needed for your corporate documents, spreadsheets, pictures, drawings, instructions, contracts and much more.

Our solution manages corporate documents from within Baan or ERP Ln by linking Baan entities (Items, orders, lots) to documents – and allowing easy access from Baan and ERP Ln sessions to corporate documents.

The solution is based on having good naming convention for corporate documents, derived from existing ERP entities, such as item numbers, customer code and so on.
As an example, item photos can be -.jpg. For item 2345689 (Revision 02), we link photo 2345689-02.jpg

When you add a new photo to your archive of documents, use Baan or ERP Ln to automatically copy to the archive with the correct name.

Users can create, duplicate, link, detach, replace or view documents based on permissions. Every file touched will result in an entry in the system log. Deleted files are copied to the a special Recycle Bin for recovery options

If a different program populates documents for you, instruct it to create the files according to the agreed naming convention.

Once files are linked, you can view them from any related Baan or ERP session with a click.

You can watch the following video presentation that thoroughly explains the solution.