In Baan implementations, one of the most time consuming part is standardization and configuration of reports. Users normally want a lot of flexibility in reporting with graphical presentations. A number of times, the report structures would depend upon specific factors such as market rejects, new product introductions in specific markets etc. Configuring these reports and exporting them to Spreadsheet applications can be quite a task for the IT department. Also, building analysis tools within Baan itself would entail customizations which can be avoided by doing these in Spreadsheets. B2Win product finds a great use in this regards, in that it takes out the “IT Part” in reporting and allows users themselves to directly configure the reports. The software is quite simple yet rich in functionality. One can also look at uses in terms of using Baan reports in documents, i.e. exporting reports to Word and configuring them to look more professional.

Sachin Danave, Senior Systems Analyst, Baan India