We are using Baan Query Tool (BQT) in three different ways:

  1. Find records in case of user troubles, for IT Support . As an example, “items with wrong cost-price – when purchased or sold”, or “Finding disappeared lots” and numerous more reports to support the users.
  2. Quick and dirty reports: As an example, bookings and billings of a special customer and/or item. At Kistler, we have been extracting data using NAZDAQ’s B2Win product for more than 10 years, and now we use Baan Query Tool in conjunction with B2Win to create reports. We also use B2Win and BQT to create ad-hoc reports for one-time-use
  3. Extracting large amounts of data into Excel

I believe that most people do not know about all the functionality of B2Win and only use it to create a one to one Excel reports. If people would know how to use B2Win user Defined templates better, they would recognize that B2Win together with BQT is really a powerful tool with a real good price to extract data from Baan.

Martin Cajoos, Head of Corporate IT, Kistler Instrumente AG, Switzerland