Just a note to express our extreme satisfaction in implementing your B2win and B2email products at Baker & Baker, Inc. a division of CSM North America. These products have become a critical component in our day to day business. The ability to distribute report, queries, and just about anything else from Baan that uses a printer definition to Ms-Word, excel, Acrobat, and html, etc. formats without the need of manually transferring between platforms (ie: Unix to NT) has been a great relief and time saver for our users.

With your automatic formatting of columns for the spreadsheet format alleviates countless hours weekly for our Baan users. With using your B2email product, we have now optimized our Baan Job scheduling function (currently jobdeamon and Unix Cron) to route the output into a format to these users and automatically group distribute via e-mail right to their mailboxes. This level of productivity has been just what our users and us were looking for.

Overall, our financial group calculated that the time, paper, and distribution savings along with the ability to get standard Baan information in a format that can be worked with for business analysis easier has paid for itself in 8 business days. Baker & Baker thanks you for your insight in developing these utilities for enhancing our Baan environment and we look forward to reviewing your other products in the near future.

Denis J. Donohoe, Business Systems Manager, Baker&Baker, IL, USA