Jack Van Klaveren Limited (JVK) is wholesale distributor of plants, seeds, labels and other greenhouse supplies.

JVK is located in St. Catharines, Ontario and ships products all over Canada and the United States.

Purchase Orders are received using an online system. They are entered into Baan as Sales Orders and then Sales Acknowledgments are emailed or faxed to customers using B2Email Mail-Merge. JVK uses B2Email with Interfax to fax acknowledgments to its customers, and at the same time, email copies to sales representatives.

The System is also used for sending Sales Quotations and Purchase Orders.

About the combination of B2Email and Interfax: “We found Interfax to be an economical alternative to in-house fax servers. It is definitely faster when dealing with the volume of documents we have”.

“We are very satisfied with B2Email, our users find B2Email to be fast, effective, and easy to use.”

Barbara Bailey, Information Systems Manager at JVK, Canada