Afripack Office

Afripack has been associated with NAZDAQ for many years, we find their support and products exceptional and would highly recommend them as a business partner.

Mike Steytler, Group IT Manager at Afripack PTY Ltd

About Afripack

Afripack was founded in 1933 as Paper Sacks (SA). A number of organizational and name changes ensued, which have brought Afripack to where it is today – a leading name in the South African flexible packaging industry with two main product lines:

  • Industrial Packaging
  • Commercial Packaging

What are the benefits you gained from using the product(s)?

The benefits we gained are,

  • Producing professional customer and supplier facing documents from a legacy system
  • Reduction in print volumes
  • Ease of information sharing

What is your utilization level NAZDAQ’s products capabilities?

We are advanced in adoption to the point where we rewrite some of the b2Mail-Merge files using BaaN Tools to achieve some pretty clever stuff, all customer and supplier documents are created and distributed via b2Mail-Merge and almost all the job reports are delivered via b2Email.

What were the users’ reactions after installing the product?

Users are really impressed with the ability and ease with which they can get information from BaaN in an electronic format.

What was the need that drove you to look beyond what Baan / ERP LN has to offer?

We needed something that allowed us to produce electronic information, that was easily distributed either from the jobs or by the user, from a legacy ERP.

Did you Check Competitors’ Products?

No, we did not need to look any further as b2Mail-Merge and b2Email provided us exactly with what we needed.

What drove you to choose NAZDAQ product(s)?

Recommendation from our BaaN consultant Stuart Orr

Did the product(s) fulfill that need and how?

Yes, we distribute an incredible amount of information electronically including our electronic invoicing and purchase orders.

How do NAZDAQ products fit your IT Strategy?

One of our IT strategies is to achieve more and more integration between our IT systems to help our employees do their job better and reduce human error.
NAZDAQ products are well integrated to provide the same functionality with LN. We will keep using NAZDAQ products as long as they are integrated with LN

Do NAZDAQ products provide value for money? What was the ROI period for this investment?

ROI was immediate, if we removed the products our users would be in open rebellion.

What are the benefits of having an active maintenance contract with NAZDAQ?

Support, NAZDAQ have always looked after us personally and responded to every and any issue we have raised

How frequently does your company use NAZDAQ product(s)?

We use NAZDAQ’s products 24/7

What is your satisfaction level from,

The product(s)Very Satisfied
The product installation/implementationSatisfied
The serviceVery Satisfied
Ease of using the productUser-Friendly

Would you recommend NAZDAQ’s tools to other companies?