W&H choose the NAZDAQ solution to E-mail from Infor ERP LN

An interview with Josef Nobis, the Infor ERP LN project manager at W&H Dentalwerk in Austria.

The Austrian company W&H Dentalwerk Bürmoos GmbH, with its head office in Bürmoos near Salzburg, is one of the leading suppliers of dental precision equipment globally. With over 800 employees throughout the world, W&H exports More than 95% of its products to over 80 countries.

W&H implemented Infor ERP LN in May of 2007. The following is an interview we conducted with Mr. Josef Nobis, who lead the 11-month project to implement ERP LN.

Q – How did you get to know the NAZDAQ tools?

A – After the installation of BaanIV in the year 1998 we looked for a tool to be able to send PDF business documents by email. We found a small and nice tool in the B2Email suite: B2Email Standard, B2Email Plus and Baan Mail-Merge.

Q – What were your needs that were met in the Baan Mail-Merge product?

A – We generate Purchase Orders in a batch job and send them automatically to our suppliers by E-mail. This works very well with Mail-Merge. 

Q – What was the alternative to Baan Mail-Merge solution? Why did you choose Baan Mail- Merge?

A – In our pure Windows environment we found no useful alternative. Mail Merge supplied exactly the function, which we needed.

Q – Do you have other uses for Baan Mail-Merge?

A – In addition to dispatching orders to the suppliers, we also E-mail production papers directly to the appropriate production team.

Q – You upgraded to Infor ERP LN lately. Can you tell us a bit about the project?

A – We needed a modern ERP software for our new enterprise processes and therefore we decided to install Infor ERP LN as a rollout to the whole W&H group. The project took 11 months and since 2nd May 2007 we are live in the production environment.

Q – Are NAZDAQ tools part of the LN installation? In what way?

A – As a part of the ERP LN Installation, we installed B2Email Standard, B2Email Plus and Baan Mail-Merge on the server, with no client installation necessary. These products are now working for our LN users in Webtop.

Q – Based on your experience through the years: how do you find the support given to you by NAZDAQ?

A – We now have several years of business contact with NAZDAQ and have thereby always had good experience with them. They were always flexible enough to solve our special requirements.

Q – Did you have any difficulty dealing with NAZDAQ?

A – Although the company is not located in our area and the NAZDAQ people never visited us, but the reaction speed was always satisfying and very high on our needs.

Q – What do you think about NAZDAQ solutions in relation to its pricing?

A – The NAZDAQ tools are reasonably priced and function problem-free once installed.

Q – What are the benefits of having an active maintenance contract with NAZDAQ?

A – Due to our service contract we can use the newest versions at any time and receive perfect support.

The ERP LN implementation team of W&H. Josef Nobes is first from the right.