“This will save us 14 hours a week per employee”

Jaybeam Wireless uses Baan Mail Merge for their operation and utilizes NAZDAQ on-site support for implementation


NAZDAQ has recently visited Jaybeam Wireless in the United Kingdom, a supplier of PMR / Trunked Radio and Cellular Base Station antennas. The company has manufacturing facilities in the UK, France, and the USA. They use Baan 4c4 as their ERP system since 1998.

Jonathan Lane, Business Development and Marketing Manager, invited the NAZDAQ team to come in: “We have never really used the Baan Mail-Merge product, even though we purchased it 2 years ago, so a small (I hope) investment will achieve all that I hoped when I purchased this add on.”

NAZDAQ’s Technical consultant, George Abdo, has visited the company’s UK site in September 2008, to help implement Baan Mail-Merge and provide on-site training. George sent in his comments after the visit:

“I have tuned Baan Mail-Merge on their system and users are very excited. I heard a lot of nice things like ‘WOOOOOOOOOOW’, ‘That’s brilliant!’, ‘This will save us 14 hours a week per employee’ and more.”

After the visit, and Jaybeam’s usage of the new environment, we had a chance to ask Gail Roe, Customer Services Coordinator, some questions;

Q: What is the status of your Baan environment before using Baan Mail-Merge, and how did you perform your work?

A: All invoices/order confirmations were posted out, all purchase orders were faxed, which often resulted in the labor-intensive procedure and suppliers not receiving the right order/not receiving anything at all.

Q: Where did you see the need for assistance?

A: As above, missing purchase orders were a big concern, plus wasting time in Sales Admin & Accounts with sorting/folding/posting paperwork


Q: How does Baan Mail-Merge simplify your work?

A: Everything is now automated and therefore a lot easier plus time effective. Also saving money on headed paper/envelopes/post charges/normal paper/less faxes sent

Q: How did George’s assistance help you in your work, and simplify the process for the users?

A: George set up the system and identified problems with specific machines to ensure that the process now runs smoothly and effectively.

Q: What was the users’ reaction after the assistance?

A: I now use this on a regular basis, it has helped both me and my assistant to ensure we do not waste time and it can be used for many functions which will ensure a quicker process.