NAZDAQ, a leading edge company in the realm of Baan add-ons, will once again be sponsoring Baanboard, the best online bulletin board for posting up to date information and collaborating on all relevant Baan information. They are pleased to continue in their commitment towards its success. From the earliest stages NAZDAQ recognized the great potential in having such a useful forum for Baan users/developers and have been its most loyal supporter since 2002.

In addition to their support, one of their staff, George Abdo, already has over 700 posts on Baanboard with only 4 years experience in the business. Baanboard users will recognize him as george7a. His expertise and professional advice have earned him the position of moderator and Baanboard guru. NAZDAQ is looking forward to another great year with Baanboard!

“I am pleased that NAZDAQ is sponsoring our communityforum for the 6th year in a row,” says Baanboard founder and owner Patrick Van der Veken. “The long-term co-operation between NAZDAQ and Baanboard shows that commerce and community go hand-in-hand and that they can be beneficial to each other. I hope that NAZDAQ – as our first eversponsor – will remain a continuing driving force behind Baanboard in the future.’


NAZDAQ quickly made a name for itself as a leading player in the marketplace of Baan and ERP LN add-ons, with their B2Win and B2Email products, which allows users to download reports directly from Baan to Excel, Word, PDF, XML and HTML and to email, fax, archive and print Purchase Orders and Invoices. They also develop and market a number of other useful tools that combine to make the overall user experience much more friendly and effective. Their products are very reasonably priced and the customer support team is thorough and quick to respond, usually within an hour during the work week. They have customers in 45 countries ranging from Fortune 1000 companies to small startup companies.

Read what some customers have to say about NAZDAQ:

– B2Win and B2Email are so affordable. The software paid for itself in 8 business days!
– The software is simple yet rich in functionality
– I advise all Baan shops to review and consider NAZDAQ’s line of tools.
– With NAZDAQ, you will not only add value to your system, but you will couple with a world-class manufacturer of software utilities.
– In my decade of career in the field, your software has been very impressive to me because it has been amongst the easiest to install, configure and use.
– Their products are easy to install and safe to handle. We also like the ongoing development and the excellent customer service.
– Good stuff. I check the NAZDAQ website ( regularly to see what they are going to come up with next.

George Abdo's Photo

George Abdo – NAZDAQ Consultant and Baanboard “Guru”

Baanboard founder and owner Patrick Van der Veken

Baanboard founder and owner Patrick Van der Veken