Supplies in Singapore.
NAZDAQ – Nazareth Data Quest, together with its reseller in Asia BANC Pte Ltd provided a complete
solution for approval and distribution of purchase orders for Speedy Industrial Supplies Ltd.

Customer: Speedy Industrial Supplies Ltd 

Speedy was established in 1987. Based in Singapore, Speedy is a leading manufacturer of wire
harnessing, cable assemblies, molded cables, and electro-mechanical assemblies. They also manufacture
printed circuit board assemblies and box builds and handle contract-manufacturing projects.

Reseller: BANC Pte Ltd

Based in Singapore, BANC stands for Business Application Network Consulting. BANC is an Information
Systems company that provides ERP consulting and technical services for companies in the Asia Pacific
region. Their consulting services include Installation and Upgrading, Simulation and Testing,
Customization and Development, Data Migration and Data Archiving, training and Documentation


Speedy’s process for Purchase Order approval and distribution was performed manually. Purchase
Order approval was carried on manually between buyers and managers, then printed and mailed or
faxed to suppliers.


Speedy uses Baan IVc as its ERP system. They had a requirement for Purchase Orders to be printed
and routed for signatures through an automated process. Manager and 2nd manager signatures were
required for all Purchase orders, based on the monetary amount of the order.


The NAZDAQ’s solution offered included a combination of Baan Mail-Merge and Purchase Order
Approval Extension.
While Speedy required two managers to sign a purchase order, the NAZDAQ solution supported a nonlimited
number of managers to sign each order.
The solution included a smart notifying mechanism to the next person in line that an order is waiting for
their approval. Therefore, when the order is released by the buyer, the first manager is notified by email.
When the first manager approves the order, the next person who needs to know is notified. This
could be the buyer – if the order is ready for release, or, another manager – if the order needs another
signature. Optional notification for all persons involved is also possible.
At each point in time buyers and managers can view purchase orders and see where they stand in the
notification process. Reports are also available to show full history for the status of all orders.
When orders are approved and signed in the system, an automatic job for releasing them is activated,
and these purchase orders are automatically emailed, faxed or printed, according to the supplier

How did the NAZDAQ solution simplify Speedy’s work?

The solution removed the need for printing of Purchase orders and gave the ability to release purchase
orders based on authorization amount and the ability for automation of delivering the Purchase orders to
the suppliers.

The extent of involvement the reseller had in finding a solution for the customer

  • Product Installed and configured
  • Walked through and demoed the product features
  • Simulated the issues reported by the customer
  • Provided workaround solutions to customer requests
  • Customized new display and report sessions in addition to the standard sessions.

How did the reseller find the support given by NAZDAQ while working with the customer?

  • Response or turn over support time was very fast
  • Provided better solutions and advised by knowing the root cause of the issues
  • Gave guidance and advice on product configurations
  • Understood and was flexible in meeting customer demands

NAZDAQ and BANC continue to work together for Baan and ERP Ln customers in Singapore, and
surrounding countries, using the same model that NAZDAQ adapted in working with Baan/ERP Ln Value
Added Resellers in different regions around the world for more than a decade. According to Chee Kwan
Lee from BANC Pte Ltd, working with NAZDAQ involved no difficulty. “Not at all, they are very helpful
and patiently of providing solutions and support.”