We all use software that could make our lives perfect…If only it had one or two additional features. Some software packages can be customized to match your needs, but wouldn’t it be nice if the maker of the software would simply add these extras into the standard package?

NAZDAQ is proud to be a company that takes its customers’ requests very seriously. Since B2Win Suite’s launch at the end of 2016, we have added many new features to version 2.9, making it the perfect solution for our customers, one at a time.

Even though we have almost 18 years of experience in the output management arena, we behave like a lean startup would. Our core team meets daily to discuss customer issues and ideas for new features. These requested features are evaluated based on our knowledge of the market; many ideas are quickly implemented in time for the next release.

The best ideas come from our customers – system analysts and consultants who are at the forefront of providing solutions for their own clients. Their input is invaluable, and we think that what they ask for is needed by other customers, too.

Our latest release – B2Win Suite 2.9 – includes some new exciting features like the ability to archive documents and use Excel templates.

In addition, several features have already been added, and they are already making a big difference to the users that asked for it. The following are some examples of these features:

  • Many customers like to use variables and asked for us to extend this functionality. As a result, we now have an unlimited number of variables you can use with every document, in the body of an email, in automatic attachments, backgrounds and saving meta-data.
  • One customer prints sensitive data using B2Win Suite and requested that this data be hidden in the history, even for other administrators. We met this customer’s request!
  • We knew our product was popular for automatic running with jobs, but we got some requests to make the job creation more generic for handling multiple jobs with the same device. Thanks to this request, our software can handle more scenarios now.
  • While evaluating the software, lots of companies configure it while working with an ERP test server and then wish to make their configurations and definitions work on their ERP production server when they purchase the software. We added some utilities to support this instance.
  • Some of our contacts are trying to connect from other ERP systems to B2Win Suite. We have released a full rest api that allows any business system to connect to it.
  • One customer wanted to install the software on a public cloud and requested some additional security. We responded to these concerns and issued a new version that was installed on a public cloud.

In addition, we became our own client when NAZDAQ began to use B2Win Suite in its in-house operations. We use it to issue our designed business documents and automatically email them. We also automate much of our internal reporting with B2Win Suite. We also strengthened the integration of Baan Query Tool and B2Win Suite. The use of the product with our colleagues in NAZDAQ has enriched our comprehension of how the product is used and what can be improved.

Take a look at our release notes, many of the features you need are already implemented, but if you have any suggestion on how B2Win Suite 2.9 could be better, we’d love to hear your ideas.