Quality of Products

We own several of NAZDAQ’s products, including B2Win and B2Email. Our users love the flexibility of output with various file formats via B2Win. Extracting data from our Baan system has never been easier. We worked with the folks at Nazdaq to customize the B2Email product. It now includes workflow and an interface to our document imaging system. We print and/or e-mail most of our external documents to customers with ease. Furthermore, all those documents are automatically imaged into our external imaging system Legato. Our users query our Legato system to view PDF files, such as purchase orders, with buyer’s signatures, and our official letterhead. Also, NAZDAQ embedded workflow into our purchasing system, where if POs are greater than $10,000.00 USD, a second signature is required. The PO is e-mailed from the buyer to a director within the company, so he may sign off on large amount POs.

Quality of Service

Working with NAZDAQ is a great experience. Prior to purchasing their products, we were skeptical about working with a company halfway across the world. However, although there is a time difference, I can work with them most of my day, and they are responsive in getting back to me. They always are friendly and zealous to help me with any problem we have. I give them much credit staying by us during time of implementations of their products. More often than not problems originated from other systems than theirs, but they still have the patience and fortitude to help us be successful.

Cost of Products

Years ago, we were fortunate to attend a Baan World User Group meeting, where we came across NAZDAQ and their host of products. We quickly purchased them after seeing the power of these great utilities. The prices of their products were very reasonable considering their feature-rich product’s high quality and ease of use.


I advocate all Baan shops to review and consider NAZDAQ’s line of tools. You will not only add value to your system, but you will couple with a world-class manufacture of software utilities.

With highest regards,

Anthony W. Calabrese, Supervisor, Application Support, Gardner Denver Nash, Trumbull, CT. U.S.A.