Derby Cycle AG chooses NAZDAQ tools for its added value in making Baan usage more efficient and less time consuming.

The Company

Derby Cycle is Germany’s largest bicycle manufacturer when measured by revenues, and one of the leading manufacturers in Europe. The company’s dynamic growth is driven by the increased global demand for high-quality electric and sports bicycles and the company’s aggressive expansion in all the European volume markets.

Derby Cycle’s leading brands are Kalkhoff, FOCUS, Raleigh, Univega and Rixe.

With around 630 employees, Derby Cycle achieved revenue of EUR 235.5 million in the fiscal year 2010/2011, 66.9% of which was generated in Germany, and 33.1% abroad. Earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) amounted to approximately EUR 19.6 million. Derby Cycle sold a total of around 482,000 bicycles, of which 87,000 comprised e-bikes.

Interview with Olaf Giesker, IT manager of Derby Cycle AG

Q: Can you tell us a little about the IT department in your company?

A: There are eight people in the IT area: Three are responsible for the Network (Windows/VMWare/Network/PC) and five are responsible for Business Software including Infor (Baan) and NAZDAQ tools.

Q: When was Baan implemented? What Baan version do you have installed?

A: Baan was implemented back in 1998, we are still using BaanIVC4 with more than 200 users.

Q: Which of NAZDAQ tools are you currently using and in what capacity?


  1. b2Win used daily, almost by all Baan users mainly for importing Baan reports into MS Excel
  2. b2Mail-Merge is very useful tool that is heavily used for issuing Invoices to our customers and Purchase Order to suppliers
  3. bHot-Link is a valuable tool saving time for the Baan users in accessing data such as product pictures and part drawings as well as link addresses to Google maps from within the Baan session.

Q: What was the status of your Baan environment before using NAZDAQ products, and how did you perform your work? How did NAZDAQ tools simplify your work?

A: We used to print, sign and fax our documents manually, we started searching for solution to allow emailing Baan reports in PDF format and found out that Baan Mail-Merge is the ideal tool for that purpose. In addition to generating the PDF files and emailing them to, it helped us automating the whole purchasing process in a highly effective way.
Like many other Baan users, we need to export Baan reports to MS Excel daily. This was done manually and consumed a lot of time as we printed the Baan report to ASCII format, exported into Excel and manually cleaned the unnecessary information.
B2Win capability in importing Baan Data into Excel format and cleaning the unnecessary information automatically in one click increased the users’ efficiency and saved them a lot of time.

To view a photo or a part drawing, we needed to leave the Baan session and browse for a picture or login into the document control database to find the drawings.
With Baan Hot Link, we can do that with one click from within the Baan session.

Q: What were the user’s reactions after NAZDAQ tools were installed?

A: Our users are happy and satisfied; with NAZDAQ tools they are more efficient and can accomplish more work daily.

Q: Based on your prior experience, how do you find the support given to you by NAZDAQ?

A: Support is great. Usually I receive a solution from NAZDAQ for my problem in a few minutes, where others companies take days or weeks to answer or to solve a reported problem.

Q: What do you think about NAZDAQ solutions relation to its pricing?

A: The NAZDAQ tools are priced reasonably to their valuable functionalities. Highly recommended!

Q: What are the benefits of having an active maintenance contract with NAZDAQ?


  1. The professional and fast support to any question or need.
  2. To keep the NAZDAQ tools up to date as we have witnessed the valuable improvements that NAZDAQ every year to its tools and we don’t want to miss that.