Are you looking for a solution to a business problem for Baan or Infor ERP Ln with a great return on investment? What is the “Return on Investment” with the NAZDAQ products? Listen to what three of our customers say:

“we came across Nazdaq and their host of products. We quickly purchased them after seeing the power of these great utilities. Their products prices were very reasonable–considering their feature-rich product’s high quality and ease of use.”

“I think NAZDAQ products are amazing. We had a project where our service centers were manually creating service quotes and re-entering the data into Baan. I re-wrote the B2Win Word macro to format the output from a custom service quotes session and it is saving approximately 2400 minutes per week.”

“Overall, our financial group calculated that the time, paper, and distribution savings along with the ability to get standard Baan information in a format that can be worked with for business analysis easier has paid for itself in 8 business days.”

These are just a few of many testimonials that we receive from our customers in regards to how our products can save them time and money.

The saving of 2400 minutes per week is equivalent to 160 Hours per month. This time saving is in essence money saving, and is more than the price of B2Win recuperated in one month; it was worth the investment! From our visits to customers, we confirmed that the return on investment is much quicker than one month, as B2Win is used numerous times a day by many users in the organization to easily transfer data from Baan to Excel, Word, PDF, and XML. This is why we think that the return on investment of B2Win and other NAZDAQ products comes back in a few days!