NAZDAQ will once again be a primary sponsor for, the best online bulletin board for posting up to date information and collaborating on all relevant Baan and ERP Ln information. We are pleased to continue in our commitment towards its success. From the earliest stages, NAZDAQ recognized the great potential in having such a useful forum for Baan users/developers and have been its most loyal supporter since 2002.

According to Patrick Van der Veken, Founder of the premier Baan Forum:

“As the owner of, I am very happy to see the continued support of NAZDAQ for our community. NAZDAQ has been at the forefront of supporting Baanboard right from the start, 8 years ago. During that period it has remained our most loyal and trusted sponsor which underlines the value and significance that NAZDAQ has put into our community.

My strong hope is that Baanboard and NAZDAQ will remain in the unique partnership that they share for many years to come. It is thanks to creative, innovative and supportive companies like NAZDAQ that an independent user group like ours can thrive in the web space.”