Helmar Wodtke, from Leipzig, Germany visited NAZDAQ on Nov. 5-9, 2007. Helmar is one of the recognized authorities on PDF stand-alone conversion tools using different fonts in almost any language. He is a worldwide expert in the hieroglyphics font used in old Egypt and it’s rare to find a font that Helmar hasn’t seen before.

In the past, Helmar served as Owner and CDO at VHWKS Leipzig and is currently the Chief Developer of HelFORTH at Maschenwerk. He spent the week in Nazareth with the staff of NAZDAQ, working with the programmers to demonstrate a few tricks of his trade. The tools he worked on together with the NAZDAQ staff are the backbone of the bpf2pdf engine designed by NAZDAQ that allows the inclusion of text in any font in a PDF file, generated from a text file, all using a command line, with no need for Acrobat or other libraries to be installed, therefore it can run on any computer without prior installation. NAZDAQ anticipates the full release of advanced utilities using these features in Q1/2008.

Helmar Wodtke from Germany at NAZDAQ - 2