B2Win 5.8 Released Illustration

The 10 top reasons I still do not have B2Win 5.8
(and a response to each one of them)

  • Never heard of B2Win.
    B2Win is the ultimate utility to download Baan/ERP Ln reports to Excel, Word, PDF, XML and HTML. It is used daily by thousands of Baan users in 47 countries.
  • My users ask me for all kinds of things at the moment. I am very busy and have no time to install new software.
    B2Win is very easy to install and safe to handle. There is only one installation to do and all users will automatically have access to it. Your users will thank you and say good things to your boss if you purchase B2Win (We can prove it!).
  • I have my own homegrown system.
    We are sure your homegrown system cannot provide all the functionality we offer. We have invested several man and woman years developing and enhancing our product. We have listened carefully to lots of system analysts with lots of experience and use some of the most advanced technologies like Baan 3GL and VB.
  • I want to to upgrade to ERP Ln in the near future.
    B2Win works on ERP Ln too. Many customers are already using B2Win with ERP Ln. If you purchase a license for Baan 4 or 5, you can get a free upgrade to B2win for ERP Ln.
  • I use WebTop. Does B2Win work with WebTop?
    A special version of B2win works with WebTop.
  • NAZDAQ is a small company. Why should I trust my business with a small company and not a larger one?
    NAZDAQ has been supporting and enhancing B2Win on a continuous basis since 1999. Two of our largest accounts include an airplane maker and a manufacturer of one of the fastest cars on the planet. Both companies are using B2Win with great success, so you may rest assured that our product more than speaks for itself in today’s competitive marketplace.
  • Not sure I can get the support I need from a remote company.
    The service provided by NAZDAQ is among the best in the industry. In most cases you will get a response within minutes from your E-mail.
  • My language includes special characters. It is always a challenge to take my reports to Office with the right characters.
    B2Win works for tens of languages including the Far East, Eastern Europe and the Middle East – all using their own special characters.
  • My budget is low.
    The price of B2Win will surprise you. It should be affordable to every company. If you already purchased B2Win, upgrading is free when you have an active maintenance contract. The return on investment is very quick.
  • I already have B2Win.
    Version 5.8 includes 13 new features from version 5.7. If you are using an older version, you must have a look at the new version.