Rome, Italy, April 19, 2002 – Nazareth Data Quest (Nazdaq), the systems integrator of Baan and Office solutions, and TriNET, a Baan services Alliance member, today announced a strategic partnership. TriNET will implement Nazdaq’s solutions for Baan customers in North America. These products provide customers with improved Integration between Baan and Office applications on one hand, and allowing Business to Business integration on the other, helping reduce costs and improve information flow. The agreement was signed during Baan’s inForum event held in Rome, Italy.

“TriNET is a major global Baan Consulting and Education practice with commitment to the Baan customer base. We believe that partnering with TriNET will add a new dimension to our offering. It will enable customers to better implement our products”, said Bader Mansour, CEO of Nazdaq.

Nazdaq’s B2Win (Baan to Windows) for taking output from Baan to Excel and Word has been popular among the Baan customer base. New offerings from Nazdaq include B2Email that allows emailing of Baan output in different ways, Baan Hot Link for linking Baan sessions with Office applications, and a set of tools for monitoring the Baan System. TriNet will implement these products for customers in North America and will provide training on the use of the Nazdaq products.

“Nazdaq has long been known as a premier provider of Add-ons for the Baan marketplace. We currently share several customers, and those customers have consistently voiced their satisfaction with the Nazdaq products and support they received. By leveraging our many Baan alliance relationships with Nazdaq, we feel we can continue to bring an exceptionally high value to our customer base, ” said Dill Sanghera, CEO of TriNET. “Most important to TriNET, Nazdaq’s commitment to customer success mirrors our own.”

Roger Hunter, TriNET Director of Alliances and Bader Mansour, Nazdaq CEO at Baan's inForum

Roger Hunter, TriNET Director of Alliances and Bader Mansour, Nazdaq CEO at Baan’s inForum