CHICAGO, September 7, 2002 – RMCis Corporation, an Illinois-based software and consulting organization and Nazareth Data Quest (“NAZDAQ”) an Israeli- based systems integrator of Baan and Microsoft Solutions have entered into a partnership agreement to pair the NAZDAQ line of productivity tools with RMCis service and support.

NAZDAQ offers a proven set of solutions to allow Baan ERP users to better extract information and communicate. RMCis offers a proven track record of supporting and servicing Baan users. “The combination is a natural,” according to David Dickson, President of RMCis. “The NAZDAQ products offer a standard solution to a requirement of almost all Baan users, at an attractive price.”

NAZDAQ looks for proven partners who can bring its products to users and help them to work most effectively. “Partners such as RMCis, with their long track record of success, and strong support infrastructure, really complete our offering,” said Bader Mansour, General Manager of NAZDAQ. “They deliver, get things going and continue to take care of the clients, ensuring they get maximum benefit from our solutions.”

“The NAZDAQ solutions are another piece of our strategy to put together a complete set of productivity tools for Baan users,” according to Dickson, “and they fit the strategy perfectly.” The RMCis productivity tools are a complete set of standard software offerings designed to add usability, and productivity to the Baan ERP system by addressing common requirements and problems encountered by Baan users. These tools are selected and designed to increase the benefit of the system quickly, with minimum effort and at a low cost.

About RMCis

RMCis is a provider of information technology solutions and services to companies in manufacturing and distribution. RMCis services include integration, support, programming, and functional consulting. Areas of expertise include ERP, Data Collection, Mobile Computing, and Enterprise Application integration.
Key products/partners include Baan, Wonderware, Streamserve, Hot Status, Triffit and now NAZDAQ, and RMCis’s own data collection software for Baan users, the rmC3 product suite. RMCis has been in business since 1984, and focuses on long-term business partnerships that contribute to the success of all partners and clients.

About Nazareth Data Quest

Nazdaq provides unique tools that enable Baan users to automate business processes. It makes it easy to take reports into Ms-Excel and documents into Ms-Word. It helps companies share business information within the organization and with business partners using email and faxing.